Campus Life

Published Nov. 28, 2008 on the York University Blog

     I’m starting to recognize faces on campus that I remember from my first days at York. Faces that form the York landscape. I walked into the Student Centre and I recalled sitting in those seats with my two best friends Oanh and Heidi. We could only really cook pasta and macaroni and cheese for ourselves so we looked to the restaurants of York Lanes and the Student Centre to feed us.

     I recognize the dark haired man at the Greek restaurant who I used to chat to while waiting for my dinner. Oanh and Heidi and I would come to the Student Centre from Mclaughlin residence to take a break from studying to talk about the boys we were pining for and the upcoming pub nights that we looked forward to all week.

     We talked about our own courses. I had changed to Women’s Studies that first year from English and I would change many times until settling on Political Science. I had always been indecisive and took things a little too seriously. I soon discovered that my life would not end if I didn’t know what major to choose. I needed time to grow and discover my passions before I was able to settle on a program. Oanh was an English major although her Vietnamese and Chinese parents wanted her to be a lawyer. She would burst their bubbles a couple of years later when she told them that she wanted to pursue her study of literature.

     Heidi was the eccentric painter. She had long blond hair, long legs and a million boyfriends. I was always jealous of her social skills as I was more comfortable with books than people. She was the one who brought us to the basement of Winter’s college to the Absinthe pub. The pub was the meeting place of the artists at York. I soon discovered that I fit best socially with artists and political activists. The Ab had a laid back atmosphere to have a pint and to chat with some funky artistic people. It felt familiar as I had gone to an arts highschool(Cawthra Park) in Mississauga.

     We would also go to the Underground nightclub on campus to dance and to check out musical shows and comedy nights. Afterwards we would line up at the Falafel Hut in York Lanes for a late night Shawarma to fill our stomachs before bed.

     The first year of university we lived a whole life on campus venturing occasionally downtown. But basically the campus was our home and the first place where we were to develop our independent lives. It was difficult but my crazy friends and the people at York made the experience a little easier.


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