The Qualified Welcoming of Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugees

Published in The Huffington Post on February 10th, 2016

The responses of individuals and countries to the Syrian Refugee Crisis has been a bit of an informal test on the level of humanity within individuals and nations.  A mirror has been set up to reflect the political tensions within countries and the identities of its citizens.  For Canada we have had a leadership change and a different take on Syrian Refugees as Harper stalled the process for supposed “security concerns” while Trudeau was seen handing out coats to immigrant families at Pearson airport.  Continue reading


Trump Is Hiding Behind The First Amendment


Published in the Huffington Post on December 30th, 2015

I have felt a little helpless lately. Helpless in relation to world events that seem beyond my control. There were the terrorist attacks in Paris over a month ago and the response attacks on Muslims and mosques in Canada and abroad. ISIS seems to have stretched its tentacles everywhere and once again we have a monstrous opponent that seems to have no beginning or ending. Continue reading

The Lazy Traveler

Ice Shavings and Red Beans
Ice Shavings and Red Beans

How had I become a lazy traveler?  I started sleeping in on my day off and heading out to taste different types of Chinese cuisines on the campus I was staying at, and I began wasting time at the local Megamall. I do love searching the internet for the destination of a cultural heritage site or historical marvel and finding myself in a neighbourhood that is totally unrecognizable to me. I love the high of not knowing if I will find my destination and having to connect with locals to ask for directions in pigeon Chinese. Continue reading

Sleepy Shanghai

Out of my window
Out of my window

The sounds and the sights of Shanghai waking up slowly remind me of a progressively building piece of music or a painting that is becoming clear with each brush stroke. I woke up earlier than I normally do and I pushed open the small windows of my small hotel room. I looked out onto the rooftops of greying older buildings in the process of crumbling set against a series of brand new Shanghai high rises. Continue reading

A Little Tienanmen Intrigue Pt. III – Confrontation

A street with small cafes

I walked in the cafe with fear welling up in my stomach. I didn’t know what kind of response my anger would cause. How would I even describe my feeling of being violated of having my trust twisted by a few people to make some extra Yuan.  I had just gotten used to trusting my travelling instincts and I was beginning to become more open to connect with personalities and the randomness of situations.

Continue reading

A Little Tienanmen Intrigue Part I

In Tienanmen Square with Chairman Meow

I have now moved to Beijing and I am staying at the residence at the Beijing International Studies University. I find the prospect of adapting to a completely new city in China a bit daunting. I had worked so hard to learn the bus routes and the location of the supermarket that sold cereal and now I would have to discover these things all over again. Continue reading